Welcome to the world Blue Spring Craft!

Hello and welcome to Blue Spring Craft! This is the very beginning of this part of my journey, and I am so excited to share it with you! I hope you will enjoy.

My goal is simple: to make handsome, useful things for you to carry with you as you go about your adventures. 

    I want to share a bit about how I came to making bags. I started with a desire for a medium sized project bag that I could close if I wanted and would stand up on a table or a chair. It had to be durable, useful, convenient and well-made, but I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to make that happen.

    I met the versatility of waxed canvas and the rugged durability of leather at a workshop I took at Klum House in Portland, Oregon. Waxed canvas is water resistant, and can stand up to wear and tear. It is sustainable and can be rewaxed and renewed. Wax gives the canvas structure, and takes on a patina much like leather as it is used. I was hooked!

    After much trial and error, I came up with the On The Go bag. The seams are enclosed, there are pockets, and the harness leather handles and solid brass hardware should last a very long time. I use mine every day, and look forward to traveling with it in the future! I look forward sharing more about the bags and the process soon. 

    I hope our paths cross and we can share stories, friendship and hope. I hope you like what you see.

    My core values are not uncommon, and I seek to live by them every day.

    • Respect everyone - each of you comes with a heart and a story
    • Be kind - kindness builds compassion and respect
    • Be just - treat each of you equitably and honestly
    • Be inclusive - invite all to share and share with all
    • Have fun - because laughter is the salve of life!

    It takes a village. I want to thank a few folks for helping me get here today. This baby step is actually really, really big, and takes a lot of work. Thank you to Veronica and Babs for the push and all the help in the background. Thank you to Renee, Mary and Chris, who have trusted and tested my bags and given me ideas that have resulted in what you see here today. Here we go!